The lens attachment has a number of advantages over a standard macro lens most noteably that it is a lot less expensive than the macro lenses available. It is also faster to attach to your lens than changing to a macro lens so is very useful when you need that close up shot quickly.

How does the Canon 500d Close Up Lens Perform?

It is important to remember that this is a lens attachment and not a true macro lens so generally you should not expect the same level of results as a true macro lens. However, it is much cheaper and can be a very easy route to getting started with macro photography. In tests the lens attachment performed very well using a variety of different Canon lenses such as the standard 17-55mm and my trusty 300mm Canon telephoto lens. Most of the shots were very good but some loss of detail was noticeable towards the edges of the photographs. Overall I would recommend the Canon 500D Close Up Lens as a low cost way to get into macro photography.

Another Advantage of the Canon 500D Close Up Lens

There is another advantage of this lens attachment that macro lenses cannot compete with and this is entirely because it attaches to an existing non macro lens. This means you can attach it to any Canon lens and get a closer shot than you would otherwise do, very useful when shooting wildlife!