Canon Surprises Everyone?

In a surprise move Canon announced today (Feb 8th 2010) the release of the Canon 550D DSLR for April 2010. The camera will boast an increase picture resolution of 18 megapixels, as well as full HD movies at 1080p. The move comes as a surprise as it’s less than a year since the release of the Canon 500D.

Find all the latest news and rumours on the Canon 550D digital camera. When will it be released? What will the spec be?

With the release of the Canon EOS 500D in May 2009 the countdown has started to the release of the next version of this popular camera. What will the specification be? When will it likely be released? Will it even be called the Canon 550D?

Canon 550D Key Features

As well as a much improved resolution that was perhaps easily predictable given other recent Canon dSLR releases the 550D upgrades to the DIGIC 4 processor bringing it in line with other recent Canon dSLR’s such as the Canon 7D.

The really new and perhaps unexpected feature is the new iFCL metering system which provides a 63-zone dual layer metering sensor analyses of Focus, Colour and Luminance information, providing accurate and consistent metering.

Continuous shooting at 3.7fps is a slight increase on previous models of the series but still nowhere near as fast as the more expensive semi-pro models from Canon.

Full EF and EF-S Compatibility

As expected the new Canon 500D will be fully compatible with the EF and EF-S lenses so there’s no need to worry about your existing dSLR lenses.

Compatibility with EX Speedlites

As expected the Canon 550D maintains the existing compatibility with the EX Speedlite series of flash guns.

When will the Canon 550D be Released?

The release schedule from the Canon EOS 450D to the 500D was around 18 months so I would expect an announcement towards the end of 2010, possibly in time for the Christmas market.

Specification of the Canon 550D?

As an iteration of the existing line the Canon 550D will build on the existing features of the 500D. Expect improvements in the high definition video and possibly the image resolution. The high range ISO increased dramatically with the 500D so this area may be tweaked as well.

Will it be called the Canon 550D?

There’s no reason for Canon not to continue with the brand. The most recent cameras in the line have gone from the 350D, 400D, 450D, and now the 500D, so it would seem logical for the next one to be called the Canon 550D.