The Canon EOS 450D is an entry level dSLR offering an impressive range of features at a competitive price.

Canon 450D

Key features include:

  • 12 megapixel resolution
  • Live View
  • Canon sensor cleaning technology
  • 3.5 fps continous shooting
  • DIGIC III image processor

The Canon EOS 450D was released in June 2008.

On first inspection the camera feels sturdy and is small enough to fit comfortably in most adult hands. It has the same black colour as other dSLR’s and has a hand grip on the right side (I wonder why no one makes dSLR’s for left handed people?)

The body is made from a toughened plastic and feels more robust than earlier models in the line such as the Canon EOS 350D.

The rear of the camera is dominated by the large full colour LCD screen used for the display of both processed images and information on the settings. This is a departure from the 350D for example which used a separate LCD for settings information and takes a little getting used to.

To make room for the larger screen the buttons have been moved around a bit from the 400D but are still easily accessible.

The EOS 450D is not too large and so fits comfortably in an adult hand. The camera is also light enough that it can easily be carried, something that’s important when out and about away from the car.

Likewise when fitted with a telephoto lens the lower weight means that it’s easier to hold the camera steady when zooming in on far away subjects.
Canon 450D back

A downside of the lower weight is that the camera can become front heavy when fitted with large lenses making camera shake more likely. The in built image stablization helps here but you’ll probably find a tripod or other support useful in such situations.

With a 12 megapixel resolution the 450D is at the current top end of its target market. The new 3″ LCD screen is bright and clear and controls allow you to zoom quickly in and out to check the image.

The CMOS image sensor processes your photographs quickly and the APS-C sensor has a crop factor of 1.6 which is comparable to other cameras in this class.

The Canon EOS 450D comes with a full range of standard modes designed to help the novice photographer take great images from the start. These modes are easily selected using the dial on the top of the camera and the EOS 450D takes care of the rest.

Should you wish to begin experimenting then a range of creative modes are also available. The standard creative modes which assign priority to the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO are here along with the full creative mode allowing you to play with a number of settings at the same time.

Is it better to buy the camera body only?

Most people who buy a Canon 450D camera buy it from one of the major retail stores where it comes supplied with the standard kit lens, but is this really the best choice when buying your Canon 450D EOS? Well there’s a number of very good reasons for buying your Canon 450D with the standard kit lense and one of the main reasons is if you don’t have much experience yet with dSLR photography. Listed below are a number of reasons why you may want to buy your Canon 450D with the standard kit lens followed by the reasons you may want to buy your Canon 450D as ‘body only’.

Why buy the Canon 450D with the standard kit lens?

  • The Canon 450D standard kit lens is good
  • The 450D kit lens has inbuilt image stabilization (less camera shake)
  • The Canon 450D standard kit lens has a good everyday 18-55mm focal range
  • I’ve found that the 450D lens is fast and quiet in operation
  • Buying the Canon 450D is a good starter choice if you haven’t much dSLR experience
  • If you don’t own any other Canon dSLR lenses then it will be less expensive than separate purchases

Why buy the Canon 450D Body Only?

  • The Canon 450D body only will be less expensive than buying it with the kit lens
  • You can buy a Canon 450D lens with a wider focal range so less changing of the lens is needed
  • You can shop around for the perfect Canon 450D lense to suit your requirements
  • You already own a number of Canon dSLR lenses and don’t need the kit lens
  • You are buying your Canon 450D for a specific purchase such as telephoto or macro photography

So which Canon 450D lens option would we recommend?

Well, if you’ve already got some decent Canon dSLR lenses or your budget can stretch a bit then I would buy the Canon 450D body only. There’s certainly nothing wrong with buying your camera with the standard Canon kit lens but one of the main advantages of a dSLR camera is the ability to change the lenses and there are some terrific options out there whether you’re looking for a standard focal range or something more specialist.