The Canon EOS 600D was released by Canon in the spring of 2011 and boasts an impressive array of features making it an ideal choice for those looking for an entry level camera to digital SLR photography.

Canon 600D flash

The standout features are an impressive 18 megapixel image sensor, full HD movie mode, wide 9 point auto-focus, and fold out lcd screen to make taking photographs even easier.

The Canon 600D is without a doubt a good entry level camera for those looking to enter the digital SLR market. The current price point puts it just above the £600 mark with the bundled lens, so for those looking for a point and shoot casual camera the Canon 600D is probably a little on the expensive side and there are cheaper alternatives available.

For those who are interested in the 600D or are maybe looking for a way into the more serious side of photography then this camera is a great starting point. One of the advantages of a dSLR camera is the greater range of options when shooting photographs and the Canon 600 doesn’t disappoint.The menu system makes getting started very easy and after a few minutes most users should be able to figure their way around changing a few of the basic options.

Whilst the 600D makes it easy to get started with the bundled lens and auto mode the true reason for buying a dSLR camera in our minds is the greater number of options you have available. The 600D is available to purchase in two packages, body only which works out around £100 less expensive, and bundled lens. You may wish to purchase the body only option if you already own other compatible lenses or you know a little bit about the various Canon EOS Lenses however if this is your first Canon dSLR camera then we’d recommend sticking with the default lens to get you started which is more than adequate.

Canon 600D back

Image Quality of the Canon 600D

In our tests we were very impressed with the overall image quality of the Canon 600D. The camera boasts an impressive ISO range which ensures it performs well in darker environments. Images are captured at an impressive 18MP (mega-pixels) so can be very easily printed without loss of quality on photographs.

Other Things You May Need with the Canon 600D

Of course when you buy a digital SLR camera you’re only really taking the first steps on what could be a very expensive but also rewarding road. The Canon 600D uses compact flash SD cards which aren’t supplied with the camera so you’ll need at least one of these. Also given the size of the captured images you’ll want to be aiming at least 8GB or higher. Secondly, you’ll want to protect your camera when out and about so you’ll need some type of camera bag or carry case for it.