The Panasonic Lumix TZ20 digital camera is a smart looking compact camera boasting an impressive 14MP image sensor backed up by a 24mm Wide-angle LEICA DC Lens. The case consists of a nice variety of black plastic and silver for the lens and buttons. On the reverse is an impressive 3 inch LCD touch screen.

Panasonic TZ20 back

As one of the premier compact digital cameras currently available the Panasonic Lumix TZ20 boasts a wide range of features that will almost certainly suit most normal users looking for a nice camera on which to take photos.

Unlike a lot of the lower priced compact cameras available the Lumiz TZ20’s lens has an excellent 16x optical zoom making focusing on far away subjects relatively easy.

The Lumix TZ20 also comes with an advanced geo-tagging GPS capability allowing photos to be tagged as to the location they were captured. This is a nice feature but by no means essential.

When you buy the Panasonic TZ20 you’ll not only get a great compact digital camera but it’s also more than capable of shooting Full HD video. You can even use the powerful 16x optical zoom whilst shooting to really focus in on your subject.

Panasonic TZ20 front

The 3″ LCD touchscreen makes it easy to view your shot before you press the button so you can ensure you’re capturing exactly the photograph you want to. It’s easy to focus in on a specific part of the shot as well by simply touching the part of the LCD screen you want to focus on and the Lumix TZ20 will do the rest, then simply press the shutter button to capture the image.

Another great feature of the Lumix TZ20 is the ability to instantly upload your photos to Facebook or other sites by easily connecting your camera to your PC and selecting the images you want to share.

Of the various other reviews found on the Internet most people are very happy with the Lumix TZ20 camera although on the negative side the camera struggles in low light conditions. Other people have noted that the Panasonic Lumix TZ20 is not a replacement for a dSLR camera.