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The Unseen World

The classic look of an infrared image is high contrast black and white, with pale vegetation, dark skies and a ghostly glow to the highlights. This was one of the techniques that every film photographer tried out at some point, and it was all about using rolls of dedicated infrared film combined with a specialist

  • spring-flowers

Photographing Spring Flowers

After the long, cold nights of winter, spring signals rebirth – a time when life starts anew and colour returns to the landscape. More than anything, it is a time when flowers re-awaken in all their glorious shapes, sizes, colours and hues. These are subjects that enable a number of different approaches, from ultra wide-angle

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How To Learn Digital Photography

Welcome to our beginners guide to digital photography. In 'Getting Started with Digital Photography' we'll attempt to guide you through all the new terms that you'll come across as you begin your journey into the exciting field of taking your first digital photographs. You'll learn the differences between digital zoom and optical zoom, what megapixels